小林孝亘 新作展

New Works

11 November – 12 December 2015

日曜 月曜 祝日 休廊
Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National holidays

Inverted Vessel
2015 oil on canvas 100.3 x 80.2 cm

西村画廊では、2015年11月11日(水) より12月12日(土)まで、小林孝亘の約2年振りの新作展を開催いたします。

小林孝亘(1960年東京生まれ)は、1986年に愛知県立芸術大学を卒業後、外界との接触を断つ自身の投影として、9年近くにわたり「潜水艦」の姿を描きつづけました。その後、1995年の『絵画考 ’95』展(水戸芸術館)において、柔らかな木漏れ日に包まれる公園の水飲み場や犬などを描いた作品を発表。単一のモチーフを画面の中心に配置し、正面から見た構図で捉えたそれらは、複数のモチーフが沈んだ色彩の中に共在する「潜水艦」とは一転、シンプルで清新な、まばゆい光に溢れたものでした。これを機に小林は「潜水艦」から脱皮し、以降、食器や枕といった主に日常的なものを題材に「普遍性」と「光」に重点を置いた絵画を制作するようになりました。これまで、西村画廊(1996年~)、国立国際美術館(2000年)、目黒区美術館(2004年)などの個展をはじめ、国内外の数多くの場で展覧会を開催、近年では、2014年に横須賀美術館で回顧展が催され、あわせて作品集が青幻舎から刊行されました。常に時流から一定の距離を保ち、自分の内側を手探りしながら新たな表現を着実に獲得してきた小林の作品は、現代的なセンスと時代を超える普遍性を兼ね備えており、鑑賞者を今一度、絵画の魅力に引き込む力を内包しています。




Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Takanobu Kobayashi from 11 November to 12 December, 2015, his first exhibition in almost two years.

Takanobu Kobayashi (b. 1960, Tokyo) graduated from Aichi University of the Arts in 1986. After graduating from the oil painting department of the University, Kobayashi spent nearly nine years painting the figure of “Submarine” as a projection of himself, cutting off all contact with the outside world. Later, in 1995, at the exhibition “Discover Paintings: works & language” (Art Tower Mito), he painted a water fountain and a dog in a park surrounded by the soft sunlight filtering through the trees. The single motif placed in the center of the painting and captured in a frontal composition was simple, fresh, and overflowing with dazzling light. It was a complete change from “Submarine” in which multiple motifs coexist in subdued colors. This was an opportunity for Kobayashi to break away from “Submarine,” and since then, he has been creating paintings focusing on “universality” and “light,” mainly using everyday objects such as dishes and pillows as his subjects.

Kobayashi has participated in numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad, including solo shows at Nishimura Gallery (1996-), The National Museum of Art, Osaka (2000), and Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo (2004). In recent years, a retrospective exhibition was held at the Yokosuka Museum of Art in 2014, and a book of his works was published from Seigensha Art Publishing along with the exhibition.
Kobayashi has always maintained a certain distance from the current trends and has steadily acquired new expressions while groping inside himself. His works combine a contem-porary sense with timeless universality, and have the power to draw viewers into the fascination of painting once again.

In his solo exhibition at the gallery in 2013, Kobayashi presented unrealistic and narrative paintings, such as a man being taken away by a bird in the forest, showing a significant shift from his style of depicting everyday materials in a singular manner. He had consciously avoided expressing such narrative elements in his paintings until then, however, he gradually came to realize that even if he drew the images that repeatedly appeared in his mind, it would be enough if he could depict a universal “existence”. Whatever the subject may be, if it is something that has moved him, and if he can express “existence” by depicting it, there is no essential difference for Kobayashi.

Kobayashi’s latest five oil paintings and six drawings presented in this exhibition are all set in a forest. A vessel standing upside down on the overgrown grass, a block maintaining an unusual balance, and a figure sleeping with long hair dipped in the river water, and so on, are all scenes with a strong narrative that is far removed from reality, but at the same time, they have a strong sense of reality, which is strangely appealing.

2015 oil on canvas 194 x 162 cm
2015 oil on canvas 162.1 x 130.3 cm


送料: ¥210

Published by Nishimura Gallery, 2015