デイヴィッド・ホックニー David HOCKNEY
Pembroke Studio Interior, from the “Moving Focus” Series 1984
Lithograph 102.9 x 125.7 cm
 ed. 70
frame painted by the artist and Jerry Solomon Enterprise
©David Hockney

  Nishimura Gallery 45th Anniversary  
  2019年2月19日(火) - 3月30日(土)  
  日・月・祝日休廊  但し3月18日は開廊
  デイヴィッド・ホックニー / キーンホルツ / アンソニー・グリーン / 押江千衣子 / 小林孝亘 / 指田菜穂子 / 曽谷朝絵 / 舟越桂 / 町田久美 / 三沢厚彦 / 横尾忠則

David HOCKNEY / KIENHOLZ / Anthony GREEN / Chieko OSHIE / Takanobu KOBAYASHI / Nahoko SASHIDA / Asae SOYA/ Katsura FUNAKOSHI / Kumi MACHIDA / Atsuhiko MISAWA / Tadanori YOKOO








Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition “Nishimura Gallery Collection” from Tuesday February 19th to Saturday March 30th.

We will exhibit around 35 works from our collection by David HOCKNEY, KIENHOLZ, Anthony GREEN, Chieko OSHIE, Takanobu KOBAYASHI, Nahoko SASHIDA, Asae SOYA, Katsura FUNAKOSHI, Kumi MACHIDA, Atsuhiko MISAWA and Tadanori YOKOO.

David HOCKEY is one of the most recognized artists in 20th and 21st centuries who keeps standing top of the contemporary art world over 50 years and has broken and updated the conception of art. In recent years his reputation is unassailable more and more, his solo exhibition hold at many major museums all around world, at the same time in November 2018, representative painting “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” (1972) sold at Christie’s New York for $90.3 million, shattering the auction record for a living artist. This exhibition will show about 10 works by HOCKNEY, prints and photographs, with a focus on lithographs made with Tyler Graphics Ltd from the 1970s to the 1980s, such as “Lithograph of Water Made of Lines” series and lithograph of studio interior in London.

And also we will show Takanobu KOBAYASHI’s early oil painting of a still life, KIENHOLZ’s work in 1980’s made of a stuffed animal and mishmash of various objects, and Tadanori YOKOO’s photographs from “TOKYO Y-JUNCTIONS” series.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you to the gallery.

デイヴィッド・ホックニー David HOCKNEY
Celia Elegant 1979
101.6 x 73.7 cm ed. 100
©David Hockney 1979
デイヴィッド・ホックニー David HOCKNEY
Kweilin 65-5 1981
color photograph
15 x 20 cm
©David Hockney 1981
エドワード・アンド・ナンシー・キーンホルツ Edward & Nancy KIENHOLZ
The Rainbow Dancer 1982
mixed media
175 x 66 x 48 cm
アンソニー・グリーン Anthony GREEN
Summer at Mole End 1974
oil on canvas
53.3 x 53.3 cm
小林孝亘 Takanobu KOBAYASHI
Vessel on the Table 1996
oil on cotton on panel
50 x 40 cm
横尾忠則 Tadanori YOKOO
豊島区 Toshima City 2008
HP Premium Instant-dry Satin Photo Paper,
HP Vevera pigment ink HP Thermel Inkjet HP Designjet Z3200 Photo
58.5 x 87.8 cm ed. 15