2014年1月22日(水) - 3月1日(土)  

小林孝亘 KOBAYASHI Takanobu 曽谷朝絵 SOYA Asae 舟越桂 FUNAKOSHI Katsura
町田久美 MACHIDA Kumi 三沢厚彦 MISAWA Atsuhiko


西村画廊では、2014年1月22日(水)から3月1日(土)まで、小林孝亘、曽谷朝絵、舟越桂、町田久美、三沢厚彦の最新・未発表作品によるグループ展“NEW YEAR NEW WORKS 2014” を開催します。



この度のグループ展では、下記の水戸芸術館での個展にあわせて制作した作品(下図参照)の他、新作ペインティングを1, 2点展示します。

舟越桂は、茨城県近代美術館の『聖なるものへ ひそやかな祝祭』(〜2014年1月13日)に「青い遺跡」(2000)と「戦争をみるスフィンクス」(2005)が、軽井沢ニューアートミュージアムの『六つの個展』(〜2014年9月23日)に「動く水」(1993)や「森に浮くスフィンクス」(2006)などが展示されています。
今展では、日本未発表の彫刻「私は浮かんでいるか?」(2011)と新作ドローイング3, 4点を展示します。






Nishimura gallery is pleased to present“NEW YEAR NEW WORKS 2014”from Wed 22 January 2014 to Sat 1 March, the group exhibition of new or unreleased works by KOBAYASHI Takanobu, SOYA Asae, FUNAKOSHI Katsura, MACHIDA Kumi, and MISAWA Atsuhiko.

OSHIE Chieko will have her solo exhibition at our gallery in this year for the first time in about six years. In this exhibition, she will show a 73 x 91 cm sized painting ("wabisuke").

KOBAYASHI Takanobu had his solo exhibition at our gallery last year for the first time in three years. He exhibited some works which evoked a kind of story. That seemed to show his new direction and got a favorable recepcion. From November to December of 2014, his retrospective solo exhibition will be held at Yokosuka Museum of Art (and will tour).
In this exhibition,
he will show two new paintings.

SOYA Asae got Yokohama Cultural Award and Kanagawa Cultural Award along with her retrospective solo exhibition at Art Tower Mito, so the year of 2013 had became very successful for her. Especially, in the solo exhibition at Art Tower Mito showing both representative and new works together, her first try of video installation “sora” was also exhibited and got high reputation. Besides, our gallery exhibited the original drawings and plots related to this installation until 14 December 2013.
In this group exhibition, some works for the said exhibition at Art Tower Mito (above image) will be exhibited with some new paintings.

FUNAKOSHI Katsura shows“Blue Ruin” (2000) and “The Sphinx Sees War” (2005) are exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, Ibaraki (-13 January 2014). “Moving Water” (1993) and “The Sphinx Floats in Forest” (2006) are exhibited at Karuizawa New Art Museum (-23 September 2014).
In this exhibition,
“Am I Floating?”(2011) which have been unreleased in Japan are exhibited with some new drawings.

MACHIDA Kumi had her solo exhibition from May to June of 2013 at our gallery for the first time in two years. Some works which present her new aspects were exhibited and aroused interests.
In this exhibition,
some new paintings and drawings will be exhibited.

MISAWA Atsuhiko had his solo exhibition at Mie Prefectural Art Museum and Hamamatsu Municipal Museum of Art last year. Over 24,000 people visited each museum and they ended with high reputation. In 2014, he will have his solo exhibition at Asago Art Village in Hyogo from March to May, Takamatsu city museum of Art from September to October, and Iwate Museum of Art from July to August.
In this exhibition,
new sculptures of cat, boar and koala, are exhibited with some new paintings.



小林孝亘 KOBAYASHI Takanobu
"Fire ball” 2013
oil on canvas
60.6 x 60.6 cm

曽谷朝絵 SOYA Asae
“The Light” 2013
oil on cotton on panel
146 x 228 cm
舟越桂 FUNAKOSHI Katsura
“DR1310” 2013
pencil on paper
39.6 x 27.4 cm
三沢厚彦 MISAWA Atsuhiko
"Animal 2013-06" 2013
oil on camphor wood
60.5 x 39 x 41 cm