町田久美 −Painting, Drawing, Print−
  MACHIDA Kumi  −Painting, Drawing, Print−  
  October 15 Wednesday ― November 15 Saturday 2014  


町田久美は1970年群馬県高崎市に生まれ、1994年に多摩美術大学絵画科日本画専攻を卒業しました。2005年に当画廊での初個展を開催、日本画の伝統的な画材を用いながらも既成の枠にとらわれない自由な表現が大きな注目を集めました。その後も、“The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2007”(香港)受賞、ケストナーゲゼルシャフト(ドイツ、ハノーバー)や高崎市タワー美術館での個展開催など、オリジナルでありながらも普遍的で多義的な広がりを持つ彼女の作品は、国内外で高い評価を着実に得てきました。







Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present "MACHIDA Kumi −Painting, Drawing, Print−" from October 15 Wednesday to November 15 Saturday 2014. This is her 6th solo exhibition at our gallery, after about one and a half year since the last time.

MACHIDA Kumi was born in Gunma prefecture, 1970. She graduated from Tama University of Art in 1994, majoring in Japanese paintings. In 2004, she had her first solo exhibition at our gallery. Next year, her works were exhibited at “No Border” (Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo), and had attracted many attentions as she expressed freely beyond the field of traditional Japanese painting though using traditional materials of Japanese painting. After that, she has been got reputation gradually in and outside Japan exhibiting at many countries. Especially, she got “The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2007” and had her solo exhibition at Kestnergesellshaft, Hanover, and Takasaki Tower Museum in 2008. In 2012, her first book was published from Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

It might be fresh in your mind that her work was on the cover of 「爪と目」(nail and eye) by Kaori Fujino, which got the 149th Akutagawa Prize last year. Her works, which have both universality and ambiguousness with her own expression, are attracting people and getting high reputation. In this year, she got the 24th Takashimaya Charitable Trust for Art and Cultural Prize, and her work became the one of the public collection of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

The remarkable points of her works are the clear and minimum lines on Japanese paper and also minimal coloring by pigments or mineral pigments. As regards the thick and strong lines, at the first sight you may think they are drawn in a vigorous manner, but actually they consist of thin and delicate lines repeatedly drawn to give strong and graceful impression. On the other hand, the shadows and outlines of the gradation add subtle depth and attraction to the paintings. Machida’s paintings express indirectly the familiar but indescribable feelings for us who living in the present days; emotional conflict from self-consciousness, uncomfortable feeling in the society, anxiety in communication with other people and so on.

In this exhibition, she will show 15-20 works totally―several new paintings and drawings with prints made in this and recent year.




遺跡  2014
sumi (blue), sumi (brown), pigments, mineral pigments, gold paint,
gold leaf, silver leaf, metal leaf, color pencil and pencil
72.3 x 100 cm