David Hockney


"Photograph of a Photograph with Photograph of a painting
with motif July 10th, 1995"
1995 digital inkjet print
88.9 x 111.1 cm ed.45


"Photographs of China  Wuxi 35-9" 
1981 photogragh  
15 x 20 cm


"Parade metropolitan opera N.Y. 1981"
205 x 105 cm poster

"Ann Putting on Lipstick" 
1979 lothograph 
119.4 x 47 cm ed. 75


1937 英国ブラッドフォードに生まれる
1959-62 ロンドン・ロイヤル・カッレジ・オブ・アーツに学ぶ
1963 第1回個展 カスミン・ギャラリー、ロンドン
1964 ロスアンゼルスに移住する
2005 英国に帰国する

主要な展覧会 Essential Exhibitions

1974 "Retrospective" Musee des Art Decoratif, Paris
1978-79 "Travels with Pen, Pencil and Ink" Tate Gallery, London
1983 "Hockney's Photographs" Hayward Gallery, London
1983-85 "Hockney Paints the Stage" Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and tours
1986 "Moving Focus Prints" Tate Gallery, London
1988-89 "A Retrospective" Los Angeles County Museum / Metropolitan Museum, New York / Tate Gallery, London
1992-93 "Hockney's Opera" Bunkamura Museum , Tokyo and tours
1995-96 "A Drawing Retrospective" Hamburger Kunsthalle / Royal Academy of Arts, London
1996 "A Prints Retrospective" Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
1999 "Retrospective Photoworks" Museum Ludwig, Koln
2000 "Espace / Paysage" Centre George Pompidou, Paris
"Dialogue avec Picasso" Musee Picasso, Paris
2001 "Exciting times are ahead Eine Retrospektive" Kunst-und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn
2006 "David Hockney Portraits" Museum of Fine Arts, Boston / the Los Angeles County Museum of Art / the National Portrait Gallery, London
2009 "David Hockney: Nur Natur/Just Nature" the Kunsthalle Wurth, Germany
2012-13 "David Hockney: A Bigger Picture" Royal Academy of Arts, London / Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao / Museum Ludwig, Cologne
2013 "David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition" de Young Museum, San Francisco

西村画廊における展覧会 Exhibitions at Nishimura Gallery

1974 Peter Blake & David Hockney "Six Fairy Tales"
1975 Prints "Hollywood Collections & Others"
1977 Portraits
1978 The Blue Guitar
Drawings,Prints, Photographs
1979 Prints of Celia
1981 Lithographs (Pools, Palm Trees, Portraits and Flowers)
1982 Drawings (1962−80) and Recent Prints
1983 Paintings,Gouaches and Drawings for the Theatre
New Work with a Camera
1985 Etchings and Lithographs
1986 Peter Blake, David Hockney and David Inshaw
Moving Focus Prints
1987 Home Made Prints
1989 Photographs of China
Prints 1965-79
Prints 1980-86
Paintings -Flower Chair Interior-
1990 Fax Drawings
1992 New Pictures & Still Video Portraits
1994 New Works -Paintings-
1996 Lithographs
1997 20 Photographs
1998 Recent Etchings
2002 Prints 1974-98