町田久美 Snow Day

Snow Day

1 July – 2 August 2008

日曜 月曜 祝日 休廊
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雪の日 Snow Day
2008 sumi(blue), mineral pigments, pigments, color pencil, pencil on kumohada linen paper
194 x 162cm

2008年7月1日(火)より8月2日(土)まで「町田久美 Snow Day」を開催いたします。現在もっとも注目されている作家、町田久美の第3回目となる待望の新作個展です。

町田久美は1970年に群馬県高崎市に生まれ、1994年に多摩美術大学絵画科日本画専攻を卒業しました。キューピー人形や福助、招き猫といった日本情緒あふれるモチーフを和紙に墨で描いた作品の制作を続け、2004年西村画廊の「日本画二人展 中村ケンゴ・町田久美」で作品を発表し、伝統的な「日本画」の枠組みにとらわれず自由な表現を切り開く作家として注目を集めました。町田の作品は、雲肌麻紙にくっきりと引かれた墨線と岩絵具や顔料によるミニマルな着色が特徴的です。一見勢いよく引かれたかのような墨線は、辛抱強く幾度も重ねられた細い線でつくられており、作品にしなやかで強靭な意志を加えています。描かれるモチーフが、縁起物などの日本的なものからより普遍的で多義的な広がりを持つものへと徐々に変化するに従い、線の精度が研ぎすまされ、独自の表現を深めていきます。その後2005年の西村画廊初個展や2006年東京都現代美術館で開催された「MOTアニュアル- No Border 「日本画」から「日本画」へ」展で、シンプルな画面から発される強烈な個性で話題を呼び、実力ある人気作家としての評判を定着させていきます。また国内での人気の一方で、2007年には香港でソヴリン・アジアン・アート・プライズを受賞し、国際的な評価も高まり、今年は美術館での初個展をドイツで開催するなど、活躍の幅をますます広げています。

また、6/28から8/24まで高崎市タワー美術館で「町田久美 ことばを超えて語る線」を開催しますので、併せてどうぞよろしくお願い致します。

Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present “MACHIDA Kumi <Snow Day>” from Tuesday, July 1st to Saturday, August 2nd 2008. This is the 3rd and the newest exhibition of a noticeable artist. Her previous exhibition in Hannover was very successful and her work attracted many audience’s attention.

MACHIDA Kumi was born in Gunma prefecture, 1970. She graduated from Tama University of Art in 1994, majoring in Japanese paintings. She has drawn Japanese motifs such as Kewpie, Fukusuke and beckoning cats(manekineko) in Sumi(black ink) on Washi(Japanese paper). In 2004, MACHIDA presented some paintings which she worked with NAKAMURA Kengo, in an exhibition, “Japanese Style Painting” held at Nishimura Gallery. Since she expressed freely in the field of traditional Japanese paintings, her works has attracted many attentions. The remarkable points of her works are the clear lines in Sumi on Kumohada papers and minimal coloring in mineral pigments. At the first sight, you may think they are thick lines drawn with vigor, but actually they are thin lines drawn repeatedly to give strong impression. The motifs painted in her paintings gradually changed from objects (for example, Japanese good luck charms) to universal and ambiguous things. As a result of this change, preciseness of the lines has improved more, and the originality of her way of expression has come to a new stage. After a few experiences, the 1st solo exhibition at Nishimura Gallery was held in 2005 and “MOT Annual 2006 No border” at Museum of Contemporary Art”, her works became the topic of a talk because of the strong personality from simple pictures. Since then, she established her position as a popular artist with distinctive talent. Meanwhile, she earned the Grand Prize at The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2007 in Hong Kong. This year, MACHIDA’s one person exhibition was held in Hannover and she received international reputation.
This time, MACHIDA shows ten new works including “Snow Day” exhibited firstly at Kestnergesellshaft. She symbolizes and draws subtle feeling that everyone unconsciously goes through. For example, emotional turmoil as a result of self-consciousness, uneasiness people feel by dropping out the society, and anxiety which lurks in communication. “Kotohogi” shows two people who look extremely close to each other become turned around and their ears are linked by one pierced earrings. This exposes there are conflict emotions and a mixture of choosiness, estrangement, uneasiness and relief in the mind. There will also be “Lens”, “Perch” and many more paintings which represent the profound world MACHIDA has ever created.
 For those who are willing to see more of her art works, there will be another exhibition, “MACHIDA Kumi – Lines beyond words” at Takasaki Tower Museum, from 28th of June to 24th of August.

ことほぎ Kotohogi
2008 sumi(blue), mineral pigments, pigments, pencil on kumohada linen paper 116.1 x 145.5cm

ー町田久美 “Snow Day”  カタログー

「町田久美 Snow Day」

16ページ / 図版 11点
20×21 cm
テキスト:赤く、青い、毛皮の目について エヴェリーネ・ベルナスコーニ
Von roten, blauen und tierfellenen Augen : Eveline Bernasconi
¥500 (税込)