横尾忠則 東京Y字路 写真展

Tadanori YOKOO – Tokyo Y-Junctions

20 October – 21 November 2009

日曜 月曜 祝日 休廊
Closed on Mondays, Sundays and National holidays

桧原村 Hinohara village   

2009年10月20日(火) より11月21日(土) まで「横尾忠則 東京Y字路 写真展」を開催いたします。
この度の西村画廊での「横尾忠則 東京Y字路 写真展」では、横尾忠則が2 年間にわたり撮りためたY字路の写真を多数展示いたします。このY字路写真シリーズは、都市出版社発行の「東京人」で約2年間にわったて連載された「東京23区Y字路徘徊」で掲載されたものをはじめ、東京23区のY字路を撮影し撮りためたものです。横尾忠則の絵画にも度々登場するこのY字路ですが、幼少期に通った郷里の模型店の場所が偶然Y字路になっていたのを写真に撮ったのがはじまりで、このY字路を自分の作品のモチーフにすべく、今日まで100点近くも描いています。これまで誰も作品に取り入れることのなかった、どこにでもあるY字路に着目する横尾忠則の斬新さと、その独特の視点が切り取る異次元的なY字路がこのシリーズの魅力と言えます。
豊島区の高台から新宿方面の夜景を見下ろすように撮られた『豊島区』(2008年) や、国分寺市のひっそりとした住宅地の一角にあるY字路を写し撮った『国分寺市』(2009年) など横尾忠則の生み出す独自の世界を持った作品の数々にどうぞご期待ください。東京Y字路写真50 点以上の、縦横無尽に展開されるインスタレーションによる展示を予定しています。
なお、今回の展覧会に関連して写真集「東京Y字路」(A4 判変型 256 頁 定価3,990 円)が国書刊行会より発行されます。展覧会とあわせてどうぞよろしくお願い致します。

Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present “YOKOO Tadanori – Tokyo Y-Junctions”, his first solo exhibition of Photographs, from Tuesday, October 20th, to Saturday, November 21st.  
Since Yokoo Tadanori started his career in the field of graphic design in 1960’s, he also has been active in diverse field including theatre, movie and music, and has been always at the cutting edge of the age. In 1981, he declared that he would define himself as a painter, and since then he has been turning himself on canvas. 
Yokoo’s paintings are usually hard to put in a type. In his paintings, he spontaneously brings his interests or personal memories of his life and let them narratively coexist on one stage in a surrealistic way. Once they are given each of their own places in a picture, they are sublimed with ambiguous wit with some “kitsch” caricature and metaphor.
Naturally compatible of affable popularity and borderless psychedelia, Yokoo’s works are now recognized internationally, and known as one of the most influential Japanese artist of this time. In recent years, Foundation Cartier, Paris, held his solo exhibition in 2006, and numbers of retrospectives are held in different venues to introduce his diverse career over 40 years. 
Since Yokoo met the Y-Junction at the model shop he went frequently in his childhood in his native place Nishiwaki, Hyogo, “Y-Junctions” became very important subject for him as he has been painting the Y-Junctions about 100 works till today.   
He had spent over 2 years for taking photographs of the Y-Junctions. In this exhibition, about the 90 photographs of the Y-Junctions are exhibited in various sizes and styles without restraint. This is a really new art for Yokoo’s world. We hope you will enjoy the Y -Junction by Yokoo.
Coincidently, his first book of photographs “TOKYO Y-JUNCTIONS” is published, and selling at the gallery.
Yokoo’s solo Exhibition “What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is mine.” is being held at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, from 1st August to 3rd November in this year.

国分寺市 Kokubunji Ward
渋谷区 Shibuya Ward
豊島区 Toshima Ward