横尾忠則 温泉主義

Tadanori YOKOO

11 March – 12 April 2008

日曜 月曜 祝日 休廊
Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National holidays

城崎幻想 Kinosaki Fantasy (城崎温泉)
2006 oil on canvas 227.3 x 181.8 cm
草津よいとこ一度はおいで Kusatsu Onsen wonderful place, come once in alive (草津温泉)
2006 acrylic, collage on canvas  60.6 x 50 cm

西村画廊では、2008年3月11日(火)より4月12日(土)まで「横尾忠則 温泉主義」を開催いたします。

この度の西村画廊での「横尾忠則 温泉主義」では、最新の「温泉」シリーズの絵画15点を展示いたします。
このシリーズは全国各地の様々な温泉地へ横尾が出向き、肌で感じた感覚やそこで得たインスピレーションをもとに絵画を制作するもので、フリーペーパー「5l」(ファイブエル)にエッセイとともに連載中です。温泉地に漂うノスタルジックで懐古的な日本情緒が、横尾のヴィジョンの中で過去の思い出や訪問時の様々な体験とかき混ぜられ、新しい絵画世界として構成されるその変容が本シリーズの魅力です。城崎温泉の温泉街の町中を流れる大谿川の夜の情緒を画面いっぱいの星で彩った艶やかな作品『城崎幻想』(2006年、227.3 x 181.8cm)や、三島由紀夫の文学館を中央にして作家自身が救急車に乗った体験をファンタジックに盛り込んで石和温泉を描いた「想い出劇場」(2007年、116.7 x 90.9cm)、「赤い糸」(伊香保温泉、2006年、162.1 x 130.3cm)、「文明と文化の衝突」(那須温泉、2007年、162.1 x 130.3cm)など、それぞれに個性豊かで型にはまらない力強い作品にご期待下さい。

なお、単行本「横尾忠則 温泉主義」(A5版 ハードカバー 224頁 定価3,200円-税別-)が新潮社より発行されました。

Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present YOKOO Tadanori’s solo exhibition “Onsen” from March 11 to April 12.

Since YOKOO Tadanori started his career in the field of graphic design, he also has been active in diverse genre including theatre, cinema and music, and has been always at the cutting edge of the age. In 1981, he declared that he would define himself as a painter, and since then he has been turning himself on canvas. Yokoo’s paintings are usually hard to put in a genre. In his paintings, he spontaneously brings his interests or personal memories of his life and let them narratively coexist on one stage in a surrealistic way. Once they are given each of their own places in a picture, they are sublimed with ambiguous wit with some “kitsch” caricature and metaphor.
Naturally compatible of affable popularity and borderless psychedelia, Yokoo’s works are now recognized internationally, and known as one of the most influential Japanese artist of this time. In recent years, Foundation Cartier, Paris, held his solo exhibition in 2006, and numbers of retrospectives are held in different venues to introduce his diverse career over 40 years. 
This year, from April 19 to June 15 at Setagaya Museum of Art, and from June 27 to August 24 at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, ” Yokoo Tadanori BE ADVENTUROUS” will be held.
This Exhibition “Onsen” includes the newest fifteen paintings of the subject, spa. The series is based on Yokoo’s trips to several different spa villages around Japan, and is an ongoing serial project for “5l” Magazine. He basically paints one picture for one village. The drifting nostalgia and retrospective feeling for Japan-in-the-past, which old spa villages originally hold, have been melting together with his life experience in Yokoo’s vision, and each perplexingly concludes as a fresh pictorial view.
The work “Kinosaki Fantasy” (2006, 227.3 x 181.8cm) depicts emotional scenery of the river through the city of Kinosaki Onsen with a sky full of stars. “Memorable Theater” (2007, 116.7 x 90.9cm) illustrates Isawa Onsen, mixed with Yokoo’s imaginary experience in the past of him riding in the side seat of an ambulance car, in front of MISHIMA Yukio Memorial Hall. The others include “Red Thread” (2006,162.1 x 130.3cm) for Ikaho Onsen, or “Conflict between civilization and culture”(2007, 162.1 x 130.3cm) for Nasu Onsen. Yokoo’s vast imagery may take viewers to far distant lanes around the waterscapes of Onsen.


A5版 / ハードカバー / 224頁

Tadanori YOKOO “ONSEN” (Shintyousya, 2008)
210 x 148 cm / Hardcover / 224pages

飛び出す絵本 限定100部
¥30,000. (税別)

37 x 46 x 27.7 cm
30.5 x 23 x 1.8 cm


103 x 72.8 cm