押江千衣子 森のなかで

Chieko OSHIE

13 May – 14 June 2008

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Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National holidays

2008 oil and oil pastel on canvas 80.5 x 116.7cm
2008 oil pastel on canvas 91 x 73cm

 2008年5月13日(火)より6月14日(土)まで「押江千衣子 森のなかで」を開催いたします。1997年以来定期的に西村画廊で作品を発表している人気作家・押江千衣子の第5回目となる待望の新作個展です。 


Nishimura Gallery is pleased to present “OSHIE Chieko’s new works exhibition” from Tuesday May 13th to Saturday June 14th, 2008.

This is the 5th and the newest exhibition of a highly praised artist. OSHIE Chieko was born in Osaka, 1969. She was graduated from Kyoto City university of Arts and completed master course in 1995. While she was still a student, she used the oil pastels with her fingers all over a canvas. Coming across American pokeweeds, she has been established her original style of drawing and decided to draw weeds and wild flowers she was interested in. Her paintings represent the loving and the closeness toward the subjects. In 2001, she earns Takashimaya Charitable Trust for Art and Culture Prize, VOCA Prize, and Kyoto City Art Prize.
After winning those prizes, she takes the opportunity of traveling in Europe, and has drawn not only plants but also landscapes as theme since that time. Furthermore, she has stayed in Belgium, Brussels for two years, from 2003 to 2005, by scholarship of Bereau of Cultural Properties. In 2007, the exhibition “In the Forest” showing paintings drawn in bright green oil pastel at Kumanokodo Nakahechi Museum and Wakayama Museum of Modern Art too. Through the paintings, she interprets the dense atmosphere of dark green forest and the ranging mountains of Kumano.

This time, OSHIE Chieko one person exhibition at Nishimura Gallery is “The Forest”. OSHIE shows ten oil paintings and ten drawings including “Laughing Mountain” and “Beyond the Mountain”. She succeeded to grasp various appearances of the forests. For example, the Doromities in Italy are drawn in soft colors in “Beyond the Mountain”. “In the Forest” is painted from the view of going deep into the forest. “Minori” and “Tawawa” show ripe persimmons and citrus junos heavily on branches. They are composed boldly like paintings on a folding screen. OSHIE sincerely expressed motifs with really strong presences and it informs her polite attitude toward objects.

山笑う mountain laughs 
2007  oil on canvas 227.3 x 364 cm